Attitude and Altitude 

FlyHi Films introduces an unprecedented new perspective on aerial videography and photography.  We offer our customers with high quality perspectives from above! Our "Aerialography" services include aerial videography, aerial photography and live event recording from one of our customized remote controlled drones, carrying a variety of camera options.  We differ from most aerial media companies because of our directive talent - a useful tool in creating an effective final product to convey yours!  Other companies provide raw footage for a flat rate, while we will provide both raw footage and a completed video tailored to your needs.  We treat our flying cameras as another useful tool in our company's tool belt.  When you hire FlyHi Films to cover your project, you get all of the tools we have to offer.

We use of top-of-the-line video equipment, aerial photography and video, combined with world class production that will revolutionize the industry.